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  Light: Jake's Coupe Blend

  Medium: The California Kid

  Dark: The Fat Attack


  Jake Mug

  Cal Kid Mug

  Fat Attack Mug

  Mug Set

  Jake's Coffee and Mug

  Cal Kid Coffee and Mug

  Fat Attack Coffee and Mug

  Sampler & Mug Set

  Pete & Jake's Kids T-shirt

  Kid's Home of the California Kid T-shirt

  Kid's 40th Anniversary Shirt

  Baby's 40th Anniversary Onesie

  Women's Super Bell T-shirt

  Pete & Jake's Women's T-shirt

  Women's 40th Anniversary Shirt

  Home of the California Kid T-shirt

  Bare Bones T-shirt

  Pete & Jake's Wing T-shirt

  Super Bell Car T-Shirt

  Bowling Shirt

  Windbreaker Jacket

  Pete & Jake's Sweatshirt

  Pete & Jake's Denim Hoodie Jacket

  Super Bell Dark Gray Work Jacket

  40th Anniversary Jacket

  Pete & Jake's Denim Hat

  Bare Bones Hat

  Super Bell Ball Cap

  40th Anniversary Hat

  Super Bell Trucker Hat

  Pete & Jake's Trucker Hat

  Hot Rods by Pete & Jake

  MIG & TIG Welding Fundamentals

  Posies Build Book

  The California Kid

  Hot Rod Poster

  California Kid Poster

  Dinner Poster

  Garage Sign

  Can Koozie

  Bottle Koozie

  Ford Chassis Posters

  40th Anniversary Garage Sign

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